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Wednesday, 15 December 2004
Marilyn monroe
marilyn monroe
You're Marilyn Monroe. You are a goddess. People
take advantage of you though, so be careful.
Underneath it all, you probably aren't very

Which Marilyn Monroe Are You? (with pictures!)
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Brought to you by Tessa at 5:08 PM EST
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Monday, 25 October 2004
My BROTHERS are here
Mood:  down
Now Playing: just woke up, no music.... yet
Topic: la dee da
My two brothers are over here staying with us until Tuesday. Well, it's their B-Day thing and all. One is 16 the other is 14. Great, No walking around the house naked and looking at porn all day. Hahaha. Woe is me. Kiko came over the other day while I was home by myself. I showed him a couple of these pics I took where I'm naked and wrapped in duct tape. Not showng any booty or punani or ta tas or anything. It's for a friend of mine named Krista Face. I have her name written on me and such. well here:

See? Nothing too bad. Kiko was pissed off. Ha! That's funny. He just can't figure out I don't care what he thinks anymore, and he's not my BF, lover, anything anymore. Imagine what he'd say if he read my sex blog. :)

I'm building my own webpage now. Finally, I always build pages for other people and not for me. I keep asking Cody<3 questions. He's so cool. I like him alot. He's always cool to talk to. Wish I could hang out and spend some ACCUAL time with his ass, but oh well. Plus I don't have a car yet, so I'm roughin it right now.

I'm going to go to the Country Inn on Wednesday to see if I can get a job there. Money is good, it is the gateway to moving out of this hell hole in the country. Man I want to move to Portland. It's cold there right now. I'm sweating my ass off here. I'm out until another time.

Brought to you by Tessa at 1:08 PM EDT
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Sunday, 24 October 2004
Topic: Sex
This is really a disclaimer for anyone looking to have sex with me. I'm not looking for anyone, but I'm tired of shitty sex,among other things......

SO without further adieu I present my veiws on sex.

Catch me off guard. Take control, but let me have my turn. Don't stop. Keep the rhythm. Change things up. Just because you're on bottom, it doesn't mean I do all the work. Vice versa. Grab me, hit me, slap me, pull me, throw me, slam me, but don't forget to kiss me. Don't ask questions, you will know what I want you to know. Hair pulling is a must. Lay down, sit up, stand up, turn around, and upside down. Tease me, I like it.Don't be scared. I want it rough. Gentle loving is good too sometimes. You know what I really like? Being tied up. Don't forget to laugh, it can get silly. Quickies are cool, just not every time. :) The sex is definitely important. WARNING: I do bite. Don't be too eager when we're taking off clothes. Oh yeah, I'm sorry, I do make noise, but I don't get loud. I'm not too into it and I'm too used to being secretive. You could,if you want to, put your hand over my mouth, I like being muffled like that.(not all the time though) I hate hickeys. They are ugly and serve no purpose. I will punch you if you try to give me one. Don't cum in my hair, please. I hate that. Don't ask me to rate you, or the classic "Was that good?". You should know, and if not well.... that's prob ally not a good sign. I'm not against it, but cuddling is overrated. Oh and NO MEANS NO, and I should only have to say it once. (unless we are using a safe word) This goes for people I just met that are trying to get into my pants to a long time frequent lover. Sex tastes good, all of it. Establish a safe word. I'm dominant and I'm submissive. Depends on the moment, so you have to be too. I don't give a fuck what name you have for your penis. I won't call it that, let alone want to hear you call it that. There is a difference between pain and being uncomfortable. Don't rub me hard down there, especially when my pants are still on. I like guys bigger than me, and girls smaller than me. I have piercings, please don't rip them out. Keep your dick away from my ass, you're not going to trick me. Showers can be really fun, if done right. I like sex when I wake up in the morning, not when you wake me up. Well, I take that one back, kinda, you gotta do it right, but this is fair warning I like to sleep. Take off your socks damnit! If you are still reading this, by now you are either weirded out or turned on. I love sex, I'm not promiscuous, and sex with someone you really really care for is always good sex no matter what. I'm just saying this is a very accurate guideline for sex with me. I'm nowhere near perfect, I don't want to feel like I should be when I'm around you. I don't expect anyone to be perfect, so don't feel like you should be around me. We are all human. I really like tats and peircings, but they are not something I would look for in a person. Whispering in my ears turns me on like you wouldn't belive, it's because of my softspot. :) I will scratch your back, I won't fuck your back up, but I do use my nails a bit. On me almost anywhere that I can cover with a tank top and some pants is just about open ground to leave a mark. (remember I HATE HICKEYS) Be open minded. I'm always open to new ideas. Sometimes, just sometimes, I'd like to talk shit to you. Just be mean. I don't mean it, but it can be fun. You are more than welcome to talk shit back to me, but, like I said, just sometimes. :) I can't do the same routine everytime, and some things you pull out just for special occasions. Most of all, be confident. This is all I can think of for now. I got alot more going on in my head than I let on. Haha.

Brought to you by Tessa at 1:03 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 20 October 2004
After a long weekend and illness....
Mood:  spacey
Now Playing: Bic Runga- "Stay"
Whew! Been a while huh? For the past few days I've been pretty sick. I've been chugging NyQuil like a champ! Now I'm all loopy from it. Well, today is Wednesday, and now to recap the highlights. On Thursday I got picked up by my dearest Angie Marie. She know what it's like being stuck in Somerville so she took me away to College Station, where we partied really hard. Here's a pic of Thursday night with Angie, Virginia, and myself.

I looked wasted huh? I was. Angie is an old friend from back in the day, and this is the first time we hung out in like 2 years. She's a stripper from Silk Stockings. She left me there at the bar at Norhtgate! I was so wasted I did figure out how I got home till the next day! Some guy who was at Angie's house before we left saw me and offered to give me a ride and left me there before anyone else got home. It was cold as hell too.
Angie and I took Garret home after some drama starting her car. Turned out we're just dumb when it comes to cars. :) Then we tried to go to play Putt Putt but it was way ghetto, so we played lame games at Gattitiown. Before that we met up with Cody and his friend at Freebirds. So I finally met Cody. He towers over me, I feel like a very tiny person next to him. Very cool, very cool. He didn't want to hang out with me the entire time I was there in CS. Bastard. I decided to stay another night and so we had to stop off at the mall and dollar store for a toothbrush. :) Went to Northgate again. This time I didn't lose who we were with. In accuallity I danced all night long with DJ Ryan that gave us a ride. Angie, Shara, and myself. Complete fun.
Came home in the morning. Finally got to wash my hair and chill..... for a few mins. Talked to the other Cody from Brenahm (MxPxStalker on AIM) He wanted to come get me and have me go see the play he was in that night, Frankenstien. Besides having to wait 2 hours for the show to start on account of him being in the show and having to get ready in make up, it was an awesome show. I even made friends with a 9yr old girl sitting next to me b/c I was by myself. We went back to his place and hung out until 4am. Finally some time to sit at home and gather my thoughts in my own bed.
Nonie came over in the morning, and Grandma later. Tons of food was cooked and I was so full! Went into a food coma for the rest of the day and woke up to talk to Cody<3from CS.
This is when I satrted to really feel sick, but still went out with MxPx for a few hours. Damn that boy is too persuasive, I think it would be best if I stay away from him. When I got home Kiko called me. I hadn't talked to him for a week. He told me how he's got court the next day and he loves me. He said he's getting my name tattooed on him...... wow. Now I feel bad kind of for going out a partying with all these guys in my rebellion to have a boyfreind. I should be single, I need it right now. I need to learn to be more independent.
Kiko got off with one year probation. If he can be good. So it wont last long. I am sick as a dog! I'm dying! Uhg I just feel like shit today and sweatingmy ass off. So I spent Tuesday bitching about being sick to Timmy, Jellybean, Cody<3CS, kiko, ect. Passed out talking to Cody<3CS, and ignored MxPx Cody.
Jack Shit..... I do feel better though. :) Still loopy from NyQuil.

Brought to you by Tessa at 5:02 PM EDT
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Sunday, 10 October 2004
I and I and me and me
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Sublime- Robbin the Hood
Topic: who?
I have done nothing today but chat on AIM all day long. Since I woke up. This was a boring day, well, there was one thing though. There's this guy in College Station that I talk to that's a friend of Angie's. (Angie is a girl I've been friends with for YEARS) and by chance we end up talking b/c he found me on friendster (wich i NEVER use) I'm not one for online dating, but he's a bad ass friend. We have so much in common and so much that the other is looking for it's creepy. Normally I would think they're lying, but Angie says it's true. His name is Cody. He's the first person I've met on here that I can accually call my friend. Well ,him and "Timmy" but "Timmy" scares me. Isn't he cute? So not my type, conservative, no tats or peircings, doesn't even smoke! We talked for like 6 hours on AIM today. Damn am I tired. Tired of Kiko's bullshit. He's staying longer, but why am I worrying? He's not my BF anymore, no matter how bad he wants me to be. We've been "seeing" eachother recently, but I'm going to stop. It just makes him want to control me and I don't want a relationship right now. That's the last thing I need. I need friends. Friends that want to hang out w/ no drama. Friends that love me. As I sit here and drink the last beer of tonight I wonder how it'll all pan out in the end. I want too much I think. Nite nite.

Brought to you by Tessa at 11:43 PM EDT
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Another Day, but opprotunity arises
Mood:  not sure
Well, today I sat around the house all day on the computer.Funny how things work out. I live with my parents right now b/c I'm in an awkward in between stage in my living arrangements. Oh yeah and I have no real job. :) So while updating my MySpace profile, I made it all pretty. The HTML for it is not hard at all, and my mom comes up and tells me that if I make the web page for our FattOompa Inc.I don't have to pay rent. (Which FYI I never do anyways, but I won't have to hear about it) I rearranged my room so I have my desk n here now. So no more laying on my bed to type, I have a straight backed wooden chair! Somehow I don't think I won here.

I've been trying to get some pics taken of me latley. Nothing major I'm just obsessed with classic pin-ups. So I submitted applications for Suicide Girls(please, please, please let me in) and an independent photographer either way they're free which is awesome b/c I'm broke. I'll post my pics on here if I get it.I sent them pics like: So cross yer fingers.

I talked to Kiko and he's just being an ass and stalling in NY. So he's going to take 2 days longer than he said. Fucker. Maybe I'm just jealous, I want to go to NY so bad, and all I get is him telling me how awesome it is. Fucker. I'm out.

Brought to you by Tessa at 1:02 AM EDT
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Friday, 8 October 2004
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: At the Drive In- Ticklish
Topic: la dee da
Nothing to do. Just sitting around the house today. I haven't eaten yet so I'm puttting together ideas on how exactly I'm going to go about this. Well, there's always Ramen noodles. I was on the phone with "Captain Badass" aka Steven, and we were disscusing how no matter how broke you are "Theres always Ramen" So one thing led to another we got on to how there should be a Ramen cookbook. Good Idea!Unlike Hair Plugs. Bad Idea! So now I'm collecting on how people eat their Ramen. Like, with eggs in it, or drain the water and add cheese. Told Kiko and that's like it so I'm still spreading the word. :) Oh yeah, talked to Kiko for a minute while he was in Memphis today! Fucker. I'm pretty hungry now. ;) So I'm going to go eat some Ramen with..... I don't know yet. Bye.

Brought to you by Tessa at 6:11 PM EDT
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Thursday, 7 October 2004
Here's Kiko
Topic: Kiko

This is my Kiko. Just like a big fuzzy teddy bear. :)

Brought to you by Tessa at 11:09 PM EDT
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Hello I'm Tessa
Mood:  spacey
Now Playing: Chris Issak- Forever Blue
Topic: Kiko
Okay so yeah, this is my first entry. Let's see how this whole online diary works out. So I watched Kiko get on the bus to New York today. He's only going to be gone for 4 days to help his sugar momma move to Texas. One thing to note: He is not seeing Kim(aka Sugar Momma) but she has been lavishing him with gifts for years now. Amazing relationships you can build over the internet. Kiko is not my boyfriend either, not until he straightens his act up. Don't get me wrong I love him like no other,but he can barley find a place to sleep at night, let alone be able to be there for me. So I spent the night at his Dad's house with him last night. I wish I could put our past behind us and start over new, without past hurt feelings he left me with. I moved to California a year ago to grow up. To grow up on my own terms, and now I'm back here in Texas. Yee-Haw! Fuckin-A.Uhg. Trying to get my feet back on the ground after all my drama is now over from out there. I started selling my thrift shop finds on E-Bay. Typical huh? Fuck it, ya know?Oh well, I'm out. Until next time.

Brought to you by Tessa at 10:57 PM EDT
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